Sorcia Minerals the future of energy

Since its beginnings, Sorcia was conceived as the future of energy, and its main goal has always been to become the most sustainable and efficient technology in the world for the extraction of minerals from brine. In the locations where it operates, Sorcia’s commitment is to positively impact the surrounding communities and take care of the environment in the most efficient way possible.

Our main focus since 2016

has been the extraction and production of lithium in its different forms, such as lithium hydroxide, lithium carbonate and metallic lithium among others, all of which are of the highest purity. That is why at Sorcia we have for the last few years been constantly seeking new and better technology, not only to be more efficient in the extraction of lithium from brine, but also to contribute to the sustainability in all our processes. To that end, we have worked on a technology, in which the water present in the salt flat or its surrounding areas are not used, using instead the industrial water that is transported to the site of operation located in the salt flat.

At Sorcia, we are aiming to contribute to the development of a sustainable exploitation of Lithium, where the entire mineral extraction chain is equally sustainable. Sorcia has always thought big and we visualize opportunities by embracing new ways of thinking and working.

Sorcia is the the future of energy, because the future of energy is electric and the future is already here.

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